Company Philosophy:

PPM of Kentucky was founded on the principals of providing professional swimming pool management, construction/renovation and service for commercial based applications. Our primary principals stand on five major components that we provide to each and every facility that we manage. Those primary principals are, but not limited to:

  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Affordability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • With over 20 years of experience that literally spans across the United States, PPM has developed an eclectic set of systems and programs that have been proven within the industry, and widely recognized and accepted through nationally recognized organizations such as, NSPI, NPMA, APSP, and NSPF.

    PPM of Kentucky provides pre-season training, pre-season testing, and in-season training in addition to safety audits, performance audits, and impromptu rescues to insure that our staff are the very best in the industry. Our staff are simply put, "the best in the industry".

    With PPM, you can be secure in what we tell you. We understand the concept of long-term relationships, and realize that short-term gains are not necessarily for the betterment of our relationship. As a key focus of our philosophy, we pride ourselves on providing security to our customers, by instructing them in the right way to care for their investment, through honesty.

    Along with honesty, comes affordability. With PPM, you can be assured that we will provide professional services at a reasonable rate. Even if we are the only gas station in town, you can be assured that you won't be gouged when it comes time to renew your Agreement. Within our Agreement, you will have several specific options for establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship while fixing your costs for the next 2-10 years.

    In establishing long-term relationships, Integrity and honesty go hand in hand. PPM realizes that trust is a key factor in any relationship. This is precisely why we will back any statement, with documentation to insure that you as our valued customer realize that we speak from experience, and will only conduct matters that are in the best interest of a long term plan for your valuable investment.

    With any industry, you have a spectrum of professionalism. PPM strives to be atop that spectrum by encompassing all of the aforementioned qualities, plus many more. We do not strive to be the low cost leader, but rather the leader in providing quality service. Savings will occur as a natural and added benefit to being proactive rather than reactive to potentially problematic areas and proper advance planning.

    With these systems in place, PPM of Kentucky provides professional and affordable services to those organizations that seek to raise the standards in safety and performance. Additionally PPM works relentlessly each year to provide new and creative events that add immeasurable value to any organization. We invite you to tour our site, and contact us at your leisure for additional information.

    Latest News!

  • PPM is now accepting applications. Call 859.536.4999 today to get your summer started.

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