Provided Services: Non-Life Guarded Facilities

PPM is cognizant that some facilities don't warrant the use of lifeguards due to size, or bather load. It is with this in mind that we have our "service only" department. Our service department will provide all the necessary essentials to insure that your facility opens on-time and operates within the recommended standards of the State and County health Departments. Our service only package includes such things as, but not limited to:

  • Payroll, payroll taxes, W/C for those caring for the facility
  • Internet accessible and computerized time keeping system that eliminates labor waste.
  • Insurance coverage:
    1. General
    2. Professional
    3. Punitive
    4. Umbrella
  • Opening/Closing/Winterization of swimming pools
  • A complete preoperative and postoperative analysis of our customer's facilities. This documentation will provide tremendously advantageous information in budgeting and forecasting. We like to be proactive rather than reactive to potentially problematic areas, and want to insure that no surprises occur during or after the season
  • All Cleaning supplies
    1. Hand sanitizer
    2. Hand towels
    3. Disinfectants
    4. Toilet tissue
    5. Trash can liners
    6. Mops
    7. Brooms
    8. Buckets
    9. Sponges
    10. Expendable cleaning supplies
  • All Chemicals
    1. Chlorine
    2. Acid
    3. Diatomaceous Earth
    4. Stabilizer
    5. Sodium Bicarbonate
    6. Calcium Chloride
    7. Soda Ash
    8. Cal Hypo
  • Weekly and/or daily services inclusive of, but not limited to:
    1. Vacuuming the pool(s)
    2. Skimming the pool(s)
    3. Cleaning tiles
    4. Cleaning the deck
    5. Trash removal
    6. Chemical balancing and recording
    7. Restroom cleaning and stocking
    8. Clubhouse cleaning
    9. Deck furniture cleaning/arrangement
    10. Preventive maintenance
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